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Getting Started With TEI

I should start with a special thanks to Rebecca for suggesting this session — if folks are interested, I would be happy to facilitate a discussion about what TEI is and why you might want to use it to represent research objects in a digital environment.  TEI is the digital archival standard markup language in the Digital Humanities, and a very intellectually satisfying markup language to boot.
If the session goes ahead we will want to have some resources to hand. At the risk of jumping the gun, I am going to go ahead and start a list below.

Learn TEI
What is TEI? (a very gentle intro, if a bit dated)
TEI by Example
TEI Guidelines
TEI-encoded Projects
TEI listserv
Digital Humanities Summer Institute, University of Victoria
Women Writers Project Encoding Workshops, Brown University/ Northeastern University

Publish Your TEI
TEI Archiving Publishing and Access Service (TAPAS), set for public release in spring 2014.