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Teaching NVivo: The Digital Kaleidoscope

I like to think of NVivo as a digital kaleidoscope. Much like the cherished toy, this computing technology enables scholars to view, decode and capture different facets of various kinds of digital objects. I would be happy to facilitate a teaching session about the nature and applications of NVivo, as well as how you can use it to examine various objects in a digital environment. At its core NVivo is a tool that aids with qualitative data analysis, but it  is also embedded in an environment of creating, sharing and disseminating digital social science. My personal exploration of this user-driven computing technology introduced to me to a vast spectrum of uses in the social sciences. If the session goes ahead I will share what I know and hopefully you will share too.

Tentative topics could be:

  • What is NVivo
  • Working with texts
  • Working with pictures
  • Working with sound
  • Working with video
  • Telling a story / visualize your data

Pandoc: Swiss-Army Knife for Document Production

Pandoc ( is a free and fantastically flexible tool for processing/converting/producing structured documents of all kinds. Not TEI, perhaps, but for most kinds of scholarly documents, this is the key to serious efficiency and fluidity. I’ve been seriously exploring the use of Pandoc in professional publishing workflows, but in the meantime, it’s completely taken over my writing, as well as my thinking about document- and bibliography management. Come to this session and I’ll share what I know. Maybe you’ll share too!

For starters, here’s some notes for a presentation I gave to publishers last month: