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Canadian Writing Research Collaboratory and CWRC Writer

This session will introduce participants to the Canadian Writing Research Collaboratory (CWRC), significantly its innovative and user-friendly in-house system for TEI mark-up. Using semantic web protocol CWRC will enable scholars to explore digitally the intricate connections between data—people, places, organizations, cultural works, concepts, and events—across a multitude of scholarly projects. In order to facilitate contribution by users of all levels of ability within the Digital Humanities, CWRC has developed CWRC Writer, a unique system for semantic web mark-up of texts. Presently, a common application used for TEI mark-up is OxygenXML; CWRC Writer has been designed to simplify the mark-up process for users who do not want to climb up the XML learning curve. (Although, if you want an introduction to TEI today, you might want to take part in Connie Crompton’s session…)

Our session will compare the data import and mark-up process in Oxygen with that of CWRC Writer. Participants will be able to use the CWRC Writer beta version to discover its possibilities (so do bring your laptop).

Getting started with text/data mining …

I am proposing this session to facilitate the sharing of current knowledge about research in text/data mining. What projects are being carried out? How did these projects get started, how have they been funded, and what tools are being used? What skills are needed to carry out these projects, and how were these skills acquired? What kinds of collaborations are necessary/effective in carrying out this work? How are the results of this research being disseminated?  Please note that while I am able to facilitate a discussion about these questions, I am unable to “teach” text/data mining; rather, this session is being proposed as a forum for sharing experience/knowledge of the field.